Who We Are Now Version 0.95 (including Nathan's Story) is out now!


Who We Are Now version 0.95 is out now! This includes the full version of Nathan's Story, the last story!

Why Version 0.95?

Basically, there is one scene still missing (the "Xander tops" scene from his story). Plentyblush is still working on the art for that, but I wanted to get Nathan's Story into your hands as soon as possible, so we'll be releasing an updated version a little bit later.

What's next after that?

After the game itself is done, the next step is to put together the soundtrack and distribute it to everyone who backed at the soundtrack level, then Paul Coy will be putting together the art book, now that all of the art is finished. Once that is done, the game will be complete! It feels extremely weird saying that, but we are soooo close to being finished!

Thank you all so much for your support, and please enjoy the game!

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